Beautiful words and music on wild horses anthology cd . Listening to your beautiful songs I can picture the stunning Mustangs but can also picture our Australian Brumbies as well , your words are strong and very meaningful and from the heart . The song "where have all the wild horses gone" I hope that never comes true where ever there are wild horses,so all future generations can know about them and not know that they were ,but still are living wild and free
Hello Cindy, I am Tracy, Betty's daughter. I spoke with her recently and she told me, very proudly, about your website and your artistry. Absolutely stunning. Your passion is so beautifully expressed in your music and your lyrics. Congratulations!
My family while growing up had a horse back riding ranch named Southview riding ranch it was a family business, a lot of hard work and a Lott of fun!!! At one time we had over 150 horses!! My mother was a partner with a friend whom was a old horse and cattle trader all his life my dad owned the farm and property. Like I said it was hard work and long days !! I could go on and on!! But we all sold out!! I had my chanche to take over, but that was then!! How I regret!!! This is a wonderful site I love it!! Our ranch was located in mercer pa. Through the middle sixties to the late eighties it was the greatest life and boy do I really miss it!!!! That's it in short!!!!
I love your music and l love horses too.. Realy enjoy your work.. but l live in Argentina, and l don´t know how to get your CD.. My best wishes.. continue with your music.. because l need more of it !! hahahaha.. go on !
Have listened to your amazing CD since I received it. It is so beautiful and haunting. Whichever song I happen to be listening to is my favorite.
Great Music theme for the Wild Mustangs
A lot of thought,love, and Care went into what I have seen! Music maybe can inspire the people to save our wild horses!!! Thank you and look forward to following your site-Sharyn Stamp
Your music is as hauntingly beautiful as all the wild horses.
Your music is so beautiful and moving!!!
I cannot tell you how your music moves me "Bandit", "Child of the Wind" especially bring tears of joy at your understanding and frustration that they are under attack...many tears have been shed but I thank you deeply for the magic you have wrought.
I received your cd earlier this week. It is so beautiful. If you are ever interested in suggestions for photos to offer in your store, I would love to order one of Bridger - First One In, that you posted this week. I love them all but budget and wall space are limited. Thank you for making beautiful music and sharing your photos.
I am filled with the feeling I have found people who are "human'...what heart-stirring story "behind your name" and u will never have to explain, at least to me, what "Opus Moon" means. I get paid this weekend and will be buying your CD. Just playing it in my room now for a couple minutes filled the room w/peace. God Bless you. Junebug
I think your music is beautiful what an amazing journey ~ Lisa
Love you heart and music.
What a grand find your website is for me, love it!
wish I had found you a long time ago. your music touches my heart
Just watched a video on Facebook from July 2013 of the wild horses. Absolutely beautiful, the horses, the music and the entire video was fantastic! Shame all wild animals can't live/roam free!!!!
good music for a good cause!
From the very 1st moment I heard your song "let them be wild and free" I got chills down my spine! Most beautiful artistic creativity! I can listen to this song again and Again. ThankYou..
I thank God for all your work you do for our wild heritage, the mustangs. I grew up on lake mead in Boulder city nev and used tonwatch them thundering across the canyon tops from out on the lake. I so miss the west and wish I were back there to help with all the work needed to save these magnificent proud horses. Thank you, shari
Just saw the video and loved the music! Looking into how to get more music!
A friend recommended I listen to your music & your videos. I'm trying to come up with a song related to horses to dance in a competition to raise money for our local Kidney Foundation. Love your music & the stories of these magnificent animals! I have four of my own horses. Thank you for your talent.
I have just receive your cd, its beautiful,thank you for this good music.
This is a beautiful project,Wild horses, let them always be free. I am so glad I found this incredibly beautiful place, your FB and the music is truly beautiful. What an incredibly beautiful voice.
Thank you I just found this beautiful place...look so forward to exploring
Inspired by Cindy's lovely voice and lyrics, great acoustics move along like Wild Horses. Thank you and best wishes.
I truly prize your function, Wonderful post. dfekaeefadeb
Brings back memories of Painted Canyon
I heard one of your songs for the first time just now and want to thank you for your love of wild horses! Your beautiful song and video touched me greatly!! <3
I just watched Mustang Megs video with your songs I cried. Thank you for your love of wild horses. You have a new fan!
You've done a beautiful project. As a lover of the wild horses and a musician myself I applaud and respect you. Mary Menke
I just wanted to thank you for the absolutely wonderful quality of your prints and your 2014 calendar. I just received my calendar(s) in the mail and am very impressed with the prints of the LBC wild horses and the fact that they are able to be framed...and easily with no cutting..a wonderful added plus. Thank you, Bill & Cindy, for sharing your journey with all of us. It is truly a gift. I am very much looking forward to future posts and merchandise. May your Christmas be filled with love and wonderful memories & Wishing you much success in the coming New Year! ♥♥
just ordered my CD..can't wait for it to arrive....thank you so much for all your help..regards Hazel
just discovered your website and music..just love it
I really enjoyed your site. Sent it to my son for a Xmas idea. Now to keep my fingers crossed
Thank you for capturing the days of yesteryear when I rode forever, free, wind in my hair. Your music has struck a chord with who I am as an adult. Thank you for the beautiful music.
I just love their beauty and freedom. I hate seeing it threatened..
Just ordered your CD(already have a couple favorites). The pictures are wonderful and surely helpful in finding the right human for each horse needing placement when removed from the wild. Thank you!! <3
magnificent, lyrics make you see our horses running across the plains!! i live at the foot of blm in nevada, so i see wild horses often. they amble to and frow from carson river. i have horses, so i know deeply what all this is about!!! thank you for sharing your heart with the rest of us!!
Love the acoustics, angelic voice, and the feeling I get when I listen and dream. Love it, thank you.
Most heart touching songs I have ever heard.Considering the trouble that our wild horses are in. Everyday my heart hurts for our american icon!I can only dream of the day that the money hungry people will come to their senses. But I guess it will always just a dream.Sad but true.I wish I could change the world of all the evil that lies within it. I just love all the songs on your CD and I know your heart was in all of them.Thank you!
Your beutiful music still brings a tear to my eye,thank you so much for your eforts with the mustang of the month. I look forward to it so much every month and to be able to see past mustangs is such a treat. I hope to have Opus Moon perform in Pinedale soon.
Beautiful website,music and Photos.. Love the love for the Wild Horses.. Thank you.
First visit your page.I really love the music and the stories behind the songs.But sad to so say life is changing for those beautiful babies.Freedom is not gonna be an option for these AMERICAN ICONS anymore.So many money hungry people(enemies of these horses are there to wipe them out)It's gonna take the Nation to stop this. BLM is rounding the up and putting them in holding areas in deplorable conditions and shipping them out for slaughter.Your songs are a dream for me ...If they could only come to be true.All of the US needs to get up and save these horses a set them free back to where they belong .....FREE!!!!!!!!! And shut the BLM DOWN.
Thank you so very much for your "Mustang of the month" Doc is a beauty and I am so glad he now has his own family!! Can't wait to see the foals he'll produce!! I like the way you arranged the pictures~~very cool to see his progression! Thanks again!
so enjoy looking at the horses, was out west last summer and saw a herd, so beautiful
I absolutely love all horses, love your website, thanks for sharing.
I am a Mustang owner and advocate...Thank you for your songs about thse amazing horses...I will not stop fighting for their freedom, they are a part of our Western Heritage and must be protected and their plight known to the people of the United States. Only a few have the honor of training and riding these horses, something I would not trade for anything,,,,My horses tell me a story with their eyes and actions...I am the lucky one..........
I absolutely love your music and video's!
Love your voice,and the acousics
cool to see your web site on my i phone
Found your music by complete happenstance - undeniably, the universe lead me to your site. I love your music, your passion and your love for the wild horse. I've played your music over and over again and never tire of your beautiful voice, instruments and haunting melodies. Thank you for creating this, I look forward to more!
What a beautiful & loving tribute to our Wild Horses, the Mustangs. Thank You. I live in Nevada, & love seeing the herds running wild & free. I am one with them to the depths of my soul. I saw a wild, solid black stallion standing regally on a high hill, above his herd, as I drove by (I was a passenger). Our eyes met & didn't waver. He nodded his magnificent head, pawed the ground, then reared up, pawing & reaching for the sky! It took my breath away!!! He only touched the ground again just as I started going around a corner & out of sight! I had sent him love, he felt my love & responded with such Majesty & exuberance. The exhilaration I felt left me with a warmth I'm not able to put into words for you. I saw him, on the same hill, one other time after that. Looking at each other, eye to eye, sending him the overwhelming love I had for him, he pawed the ground, then nodded vigorously while shaking his head side to side, his long black mane whipping back & forth like a glistening wave. He looked like he was 'glowing' in the summer sun. It was the single, most beautiful thing I'd seen & felt since the first time I'd seen him. I got the deepest feeling he didn't want me to leave & would have come to me if I had stopped the car (I was driving). I long to see this GREAT STALLION again. Maybe one day I will, then I'll stop & go to the fence (some fencing out there) to greet him. I'll bet he comes to greet me too! Thank You for a beautiful site. Jinie Rose <3
Beautiful music, beautiful horses and beautiful pictures!
Your music is so beautiful and haunting... It does touch the soul of every horse lover and more. I have enjoyed your CD very very much. Thanks for the feel good feelings your music brings.
just checked out the mustang of the month Magnum. Absolutly outstanding,like reading a chapter out of a book in someones life. Fantastic pics, wonderful to follow him in his endevers. Great lookin mustang. Thanks be to Jehovah and his wonderful creations.Can't wait to see him in person.
that is one wild looking horse in your you tube vidio my friends just love your cd
Wow! What beutiful pictures of the Mustangs. They sure look healthy. How fun it must be to photgragh them, I can't wait to go there myself.
Beautiful music for beautiful horses. I couldn't stop crying while I listened to your music. I've always loved the wild horses. I have horses of my own, well we have each other. I'm also an equine artist. There my life. Thank you for the beautiful songs.
Very nice job on this site... Looking forward to pictures and music. Keep up the good work.
Great site. Great music.
Very Beautiful!
Music like this just makes you feel good. Takes you to another place and time. You make us " feel" the wind, and touch the horses in our minds as the music carries us away. Thank you. Great job. Look forward to more.
good good good!!!
Some things are so beutiful it brings tears to your eyes, your music is it.Time after time no matter how many times I listen to it, I still tear up.And me being a big burly outdoorsy guy. Thank you so much.
Beautiful music, lyrics... And your voice is beautiful!
Just beautiful, great sound, super voice..........Love it
You have done a wonderful job of capturing the essence of the wild horses of the Book Cliffs and the land on which they roam - from Bandit in North Soda to the elusive horses at Monument Rock ("Illusion") and all in between. For me, listening to your songs is a "religious experience."
The site looks wonderful. I can hardly wait to see the mustangs of the month! Love your music and I listen to the CD over and over again. Thanks for sharing your love of the wild horses through your music. What a wonderful way to express that love of them. Now, when is the next CD going to be out! :)
Glad to hear you - lovely - do let us know when CDs are available!!!
I have been photographing wild horses in Co and recently NM for last 4-5yrs. Beautiful music. Thank you for sharing.
So soothing and grounding ... and a wonderful message ...
Looks Great! I am proud of you guys. Keep enjoying what you are doing!
You took me on one of your excursions and I saw three of the magnificent stallions. I now know how they inspired you. Thank you for sharing a beautiful experience with you. Bless you for your compassion for God's wild creatures. Koodos to you. Mom
Fantastic!!!!!! You have designed it to where one feels they are a part of your adventure. We wish you the best as we feel you have something going here. Your friends and follower
The thoughts that run through my head when listening to these beautiful, haunting songs can not be expressed in such a way that other listeners can understand. These songs touch each one's heart differently, so that each one is taken on a journey all his own. Absolutely beautiful. Thank you for this work!
great website, Love the pictures very professional, very moving story of opus moon name. Love it
Looks like a great site!
This CD is a wonderful journey, an adventure and a refuge. Each time I listen to your music I feel a connection to the Wild Horses and the land they call home. This is a connection that brings me closer to memories of the Little Book Cliffs and all the other wild horse herds. Your music is an inspiration to my paintings. I journey closer to the horses and make a connection at that sacred place. Thank you!

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